Frequently asked questions


+Why should I buy bamboo?

Bamboo is a material with many benefits. Compared to cotton, it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric. There are many ways to make bamboo fabric, all more sustainable than most other materials, but still with its own potential drawbacks. Turning the bamboo stems into bamboo fabric can have risks for the workers, due to the chemicals used to break down the bamboo. However, the method used with acterix products are safe to everyone and minimise all potential risks to workers. The exact process is simple: The bamboo is taken and cut into pieces. At this stage, a solvent is added to soften the bamboo, making it suitable to work with as a fabric. All of our products use bamboo, which uses up to 95% less water to grow (compared to cotton), making it much more sustainable. Bamboo is also organic, as no pesticides are required to promote its growth. Bamboo also grows extremely quickly, with some species growing up to 91cm per day, or 0.00003 km/h. Essentially this means that bamboo can be sustainably mass produced as a fabric without risk of deforestation. The health and safety of all consumers, employees and factory workers are of great importance to us. acterix strives to promote a safe work environment.


+Why is there only one product?

In one word, Minimalism. We spent over two years working on acterix, and this single shirt is the product that has come from all the hard work. As such, we wanted to shine a spotlight on this design. In the future however we do hope to bring out more designs, while staying true to the minimalist mindset.


+ Where is acterix based?

acterix is based in Australia, with our products being made in China.


+Why are your products made in China?

China currently makes the best bamboo fabric, which is why we choose to make our products there. We make every effort to ensure the factories are safe, and the workers are getting looked after in every single aspect.


+What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal as well as cards payment with VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We also offer Apple Pay for your convenience.


+What shipping method do you use?

We use registered postal services where possible, and send orders within one (1) business day once payment is confirmed. You can find out shipping costs here.


+What do I do if I am not satisfied with my product(s)?

Please contact us using the form below. Please also read our Sales and Refunds Policy located here.